Stratajacks Installed

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The Stratajack is placed in situ and extended to the correct height with compressed air. The product is then filled with Cougar Stratajacks cellular grout using a high capacity pumping system that has specifically been designed for use with the Stratajack.

The unique design of our product enables it to maintain a minimum 2000kg positive force between the roof and floor after the Stratajack is filled with grout and pumping has ceased.

The Stratajack is able to be installed to suit the underground conditions. With the ability to adjust the MPa of the cellular grout used to fill the Stratajack to meet the peak load requirements for each installation site.

We currently have 3 types of Stratajack available:

- 750mm Diameter with a maximum height of 2.8m

- 900mm Diameter with a maximum height of 3.8m

- 900mm Diameter extention with maximum height of 5.3m

The Stratajack can be custom made to suit the individual site requirements. 

Suggested applications

  • Low and high volume support areas

  • Ventilation seal protection

  • Permanent or temporary support

  • Gate road support

  • Intersection and wide-drivage stabilisation

  • Longwall chock recovery

  • Breaker line support

  • Cut-able support requirements

  • Pre-driven take off road support


  • Lightweight

  • Filled with grout once in position underground

  • Safer mining environments

  • Can be transported underground in bulk quantities

  • Easy to install & apply support exactly where it’s needed

  • Variety of support headboards available

  • Provides an active support on installation

  • Can be cut with mining equipment

  • Quality assured application procedures

  • Ability to vary peak load

  • No ladders needed

  • Lowered risk for manual handling injuries

A Simple Fool Proof High Capacity Standing Support System