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Another Stratajack Delivery

26 Sep 2017 12:56 PM -

Cougar Stratajacks are transporting another load of Stratajacks to the Bowen Basin with plenty more to come.

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Efficient Stratajack Transportation

7 Aug 2017 10:42 AM -

The most efficient way to transport Stratajacks Underground. Using a Trailer, Pod and a loader will enable 19 x 900mm diameter Stratajacks to be taken underground per load.

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The Black Jacks for Whitehaven Coal

7 Aug 2017 10:33 AM -

A black Stratajack has been made for Whitehaven coal mine proving the Cougar Stratajacks diversity and willingness to work with there clients. 

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Another Milestone for Cougar Stratajacks

24 Jul 2017 9:00 AM -

Working in conjunction with Whitehaven Coal (Narrabri) Cougar Stratajack are successfully pumping one pillar of Stratajacks per shift with the HydraGrout being blended and pumped from the surface, through a surface to seam borehole. With the...

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Whitehaven Coal Stratajack Installation

23 Jun 2017 12:47 PM - Stratajacks Installed in Water

Cougar Stratajacks have recently Installed 108 Stratajack at Whitehaven coal Narrabri with the Installation taking place through knee high water and poor ground conditions the Stratajacks once again proved it's diversity and ease of installation.

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Stratajacks awarded Oaky North Installation

23 Jun 2017 11:59 AM - Stratajacks proven to be the superior product

Cougar Stratajacks have been awarded the Installation of 500 Stratajacks at Oaky North Coal.

A trial was conducted between the Stratajack and two other standing support products at Oaky North Coal mine with the Stra...

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Stratajack Install at Springvale Colliery

21 Feb 2017 8:51 AM -

Cougar Stratajack’s latest installation at Springvale Colliery in NSW has started well with improved support installation rates being a stand out feature.
Other benefits were the significant reduction in man hours and the reduction ...

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Stratajack Tahmoor Installation

16 Jan 2017 8:41 AM -

The Cougar Stratajack keeps personnel out of the line of fire, with the remote installation of Stratajacks to support the lip of and old fall area at Tahmoor Colliery. The installation of 5 x 750mm Stratajacks utilising extra long deli...

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The Super Jack - 5.3m High

22 Nov 2016 6:53 AM - 5.3m High Stratajack

An installation of 20 x 5.3m high Stratajacks at Grosvenor mine has taken place in a high roof area of their tailgate. As the standard 3.7m high Stratajacks were too short Cougar Stratajacks designed a 2 stage extendable Stratajack enabling the St...

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Proactive Bulk Head Seal

19 Oct 2016 6:17 AM - Proactive Bulk Head Seal (Grosvenor)

Cougar Stratajacks have installed there first bulk head seal at Grosvenor Mine in central Queensland. The seal uses Aquacrete sprayed walls to form a front and back wall to contain Cougar's HydraGrout. 3 x Stratajacks are installed either sid...

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Cougar Proactive Seal Install - Moranbah North

26 Apr 2016 2:26 PM - Proactive Seal Installation

Cougar Stratajacks have successfully installed the proactive seal. The seal has been designed with the inclusion of Cougar Stratajacks active standing support "The Cougar Stratajack" positioned around the seal to limit convergence from taking p...

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Stratajack Installation - Moranbah North

26 Apr 2016 2:07 PM - Moranbah North Install

Cougar Stratajacks have installed 153 Stratajacks into the tailgate at Moranbah North LW111. Working with the Moranbah North secondary support contractors, the Stratajacks were installed successfully and in minimal time.

The installed co...

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Stratajack Installation

4 Dec 2015 3:44 PM - Installing Stratajacks at Oaky North

Cougar Stratajacks have been installed at Oaky North in an effort to stop seal crush caused by roof convergence. As the Stratajack maintains an “active” force between the roof and floor the Stratajack is suited for this application. The Stratajack...

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26 Nov 2015 10:22 AM - Cougar Stratajacks Single Axis Roof Simulator (SARS)

Cougar Stratajacks Pty Ltd (CSJ) is excited to announce that we have developed a SARS (Single Axis Roof Simulator) which we call ‘Con’. Why you ask? Because it’s a press that measures load as it ‘converges’ on second...

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Pumping Seals at United Colliery

19 Nov 2015 3:40 PM -

Cougar Stratajacks have assisted Bolt Up Mining through the seal up of united colliery. Through R&D and perseverance Bolt Up Mining managed to build and fill 2 x 20psi seals within 2 x 12 hour day shifts using Cougar Stratajacks Cellular grout...

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