Stratajacks Installed

Welcome to Cougar Stratajacks, the latest development in secondary roof support systems for the mining industry.

The Stratajack

The Stratajack is a cost effective, lightweight, safe, efficient and effective alternative to other standing roof support systems for the underground mining industry.

The Stratajack is a patented ACTIVE standing roof support that provides a minimum 2 tonne of force between the roof and floor on installation, conforming to the roof and floor profile maintaining the strata beam above.

Cougar Grouts

Cougar Grouts have been designed using cellular technology. Using preformed foam we can produce the required Mpa to suit the application requirements. We offer 2 types of grout Hydragrout and BSF1000.

HYDRAGROUT® is a shrinkage compensated expansion grout used within our Stratajack.

BSF1000® is our standard grout used in void filling applications.

Cougar Pumping System

Cougar Stratajacks have designed one of the most efficient and effective pumping systems on the market. The pumping system has a high volume output of 100m3 in 1 x 8 hour pumping period with improvements to double this volume with the series 2 pumping system. Powered by a JUG-A-0 using load sense technology for efficiency. 

Single Axis Roof Simulator (SARS)

Cougar have built the biggest press in the southern hemisphere. The press is designed to test standing roof support capacities for the underground mining industry. The SARS was built with a load mapping and convergence measuring PLC in place to remove all the grey around standing roof support capacities. 

Proactive Seal

Cougar Stratajacks have developed a 20 and 50psi proactive seal, supported by Stratajacks and dry shotcrete form work. The proactive seal utilises the efficiency of the Cougar Stratajacks high volume grout pumping system combined with the effectiveness of Cougar’s HYDRAGROUT product and the active support of the Stratajack to create a proactive seal for the mining industry. With the utilisation of the Stratajack and HYDRAGROUT the seal provides 2 forms of protection against convergence through the active force on the roof and floor provided by the Stratajack and the compaction capabilities of the cellular grout.  


Efficient Stratajack Transportation

7 Aug 2017 10:42 AM -

The most efficient way to transport Stratajacks Underground. Using a Trailer, Pod and a loader will enable 19 x 900mm diameter Stratajacks to be taken underground per load.

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The Black Jacks for Whitehaven Coal

7 Aug 2017 10:33 AM -

A back Stratajack has been made for Whitehaven coal mine proving the Cougar Stratajacks diversity and willingness to work with there clients. 

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Another Milestone for Cougar Stratajacks

24 Jul 2017 9:00 AM -

Working in conjunction with Whitehaven Coal (Narrabri) Cougar Stratajack are successfully pumping one pillar of Stratajacks per shift with the HydraGrout being blended and pumped from the surface, through a surface to seam borehole. With the...

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